Friday, November 7, 2014

To see the lanyards larger, just click on the  picture.
Amazonite with Silver plated and Sivertone beads - 43" long. $25

Pearls, White Mountain Jade, White Magnesite and silver plated spacers - 42" long, $25

Monday, September 22, 2014

Necklace + Lanyard = Necklard!

Tired of plain old badge lanyards?

I recently retired from the Foreign Service after a short 6 year career with the Department of State.  Like many others, we all had to wear our badges in full sight.  When issued said badge, we were given a very stylish ball-chain to hang it on.  I'm no fashionista, but that chain just did nothing for me.  I decided to use what I knew about making gemstone necklaces and make lanyards.  I was successful in selling them to my co-workers but being a government employee serving overseas, I was prohibited from making a profit using the diplomatic mail.  But now that I am retired and living back in Texas, I decided it was time to market my items.

When making lanyards for myself, I would make them a little longer so that I could not only use them to hang my badge on, but if I doubled them around my neck, they would make a very nice necklace.  One of my very good friends who I served with in Muscat, Oman came up with the word Necklards.  It's a necklace and it's a lanyard.  A real too for one! I have other styles that are strictly lanyards also.

I have a blog site for my jewelry and decided it might be prudent to have one for just lanyards and Necklards.  So this is it!  Pictures and prices will be posted and I have an active Paypal account so making payment should be a breeze. Sending an invoice is so simple.  If you see something you want, just email me at  I will happily ship to APO and DPO addresses. Everything will be sent out wrapped in bubble wrap and in a padded envelope or in a DVD size Flat Rate Priority Mail box. Shipping in a padded envelope is $2 with $1 for each additional in the same envelope. 

If you'd like to see my gemstone necklaces, they can be found at my other blog here 

This lanyard is 40" long.  The design has two sets of beads on each side with Czech seed beads around your neck and between sets of beads.  This one has large faceted Red Agate beads with gold tone spacers and smaller Red Agate beads.  There is a ring to attach your badge. A second picture is below showing the entire lanyard.  
This lanyard is $25. 

The other design, the Necklard, is a bit different...more of a continuous strand. The length varies between 38-40" long and generally will have a smaller beaded design the entire length.  Here are 2 that I have for sale at this time.
This necklard (which is now sold but one like it can be ordered) is a mix of several agates with some faceted Onyx beads thrown in to give it a slight sparkle.  Faceted stones will do that.  This one is $20, which is what most of the necklards run.  If I put pearls or silver plated beads in the design, the cost will go up slightly...a couple of dollars.  I try to keep things very affordable.

Here is another necklard with silver plated beads, Czech seed beads and Magnesite tubes and rondelle (kind of flat) beads.  This one is $20.

Check back often.  As I make them, I'll post them here for sale.  And thanks for visiting my lanyard and necklard blog.

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